chalet Address:

7 Rue du Clos du Pré, 38114 Oz en Oisans, France

GPS address :

Latitude : 45.1296667     Longitude : 6.069555555555556

45°07'46.8"N 6°04'10.4"E


How to reserve?

You send us the completed form of reservation, and then we send you a lease (contract) to be signed.

You inform and sign this lease and you return it to us, accompanied with your deposit (advance), the reservation will be definitive upon receipt of these two elements.


What are terms of payment?

In case of reservation you will make a advance of 30 % of the total amount of the rent, the rest must be paid at the latest six weeks before the rent period.


How can you pay?

You can pay by bank transfer. You cannot use a credit card


Can the reservation be cancelled?

If you wish to cancel a reservation, you will pay cancellation expenses.

We recommend you to take cancellation insurance.


What are the cancellation expenses?

· Cancellation in more than 60 days before the rent period: 30 % of the rent (advance);
· Cancellation enters the 59th and 30th day before the rent period: 50 % of the rent;
· Cancellation enters the 29th and 7th day before the rent period : 75 % of the rent;
· Cancellation in 7 days before the rent period: 100 % of the rent;



You are responsible for damages caused during your stay.

Your house insurance covers you if it contains a «holiday resort" clause, if this clause is not in your contract, an extension is possible for the period of the stay, contact your insurance company.
If you have no insurance it is recommended to you to sign one, for the period of the stay.


When will you receive your journey documents?

You receive your voucher + route as soon as all of the rent will be paid. This good nominative must be given to the reception on arrival


Welcome and keys delivery?

The rent is concluded for a minimum of 7 overnight stays, from Saturday till Saturday except in exceptional circumstances for certain periods (on request and according to the availability).
Except opposite mentions, the stays take place from Saturday 5 pm, till Saturday according to 10 am.
The delivery of keys is made at the chalet between 5 pm and 7 pm

If you had to arrive outside these schedules, we ask you to warn us, so that we can take all the capacities to give you the keys of the chalet


The delivery of keys is subordinated to the payment of a 400 € deposit

This deposit can be paid by check. In case of  lack of deposit, the access to the chalet can be refused. If the tenant is in default of payment of the deposit(, the rent convention can be cancelled with immediate effect. The deposit will be restored to the end of the stay by the reception.


If the chalet is ready before 5 pm, the tenants can have it from their arrival, but the customers cannot make a complaint if the chalet is not ready before 5 pm.


Occupation, particular conditions:

The tenant will have to, in his interest, check the current inventory of fixtures, and the good running of the domestic and sanitary appliances.

He will have to indicate any complaint in writing to the owner within 48 hours following the discount of keys.

Any missing or broken object will be charged at the departure.



 It is asked to the tenant:

  • To occupy the rented premises as a “good father “.
  • Not to exceed the number of occupants such as indicated to the rental agreement what corresponds to the equipments of the chalet (bedding among others). An exception can be made for a baby / child who sleeps in a cradle, but it must be indicated during the reservation.
  • To follow the instructions concerning energy savings, in particular by avoiding leaving windows and radiators mindlessly open, but also taking any precautions towards the risks of frost.
  • To respect the French law in particular concerning the night-nuisances and thus the obligation of peace after 10 pm.
  • The chalet will have to be occupied by at least a responsible grown-up person; on no account only minors could occupy this one.
  • Animals are not admitted,



You can park your vehicle in the parking a few meters away from the chalet. The price of the parking is included in the rent.


Release of the chalet:

Dates of occupation and the hour of release (10 am) must be perfectly respected. The tenants will necessarily have to leave the chalet before 10 am.
The chalet must be returned in a correct state, the dishes must be done, the trash must be taken out, and otherwise we would be in the obligation to charge expenses of additional household. The deposit paid on arrival will be restored after current situation of the chalet, except in case of broken equipment or deteriorations, either of incorrect state of the chalet.
In case of departure outside the schedules of reception. The deposit will be sent back by mail after current situation.

General questions about France:


What is the code of the country for the calls towards France?
The code of the country for the calls towards France is 00 33.

Winter tires in France
The basic principle in French law is that your tires have to correspond to the road conditions

Snow chains in France
Snow chains must be only used on roads where there is some snow. On numerous mountain passes, the use of snow chains is compulsory. This is indicated by road signs.

If you take the car to go to Oz en Oisans, you will certainly use toll roads. You receive your toll ticket of at the entrance of the toll and at the end of the toll zone you pay.